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Listen. Discuss. Create.

Record sessions comfortably over the network

Communicate with audio, video, or text chat. Choose the quality of the stream that suits your connection. Record into a timeline containing other audio files or video. Organize and manage your takes.
Export Low Medium Take 1 Quality Low Medium Take 1 Quality Take 2 High High Record Record

Conduct audio post sessions from a distance

Take control of your post production mixing software and stream audio in sync with a video file. Make changes in real time for post production mix reviews. Record dialogue that’s locked to picture over the network.
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Transmit and receive audio and MIDI over the network

Send any audio from your studio to your contacts. Connect customized MIDI ports to your favorite software to send and receive MIDI data. Share your equipment with each other and create new sounds instantly.
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Communicate in a way that is comfortable to you

Chat with your contacts, send requests, and read messages. Synchronize chat comments to your timeline. Connect with your contacts for audio or video streaming sessions.

Enhance online education for music or language courses

Record and play back performances instantly. Load audio files to learn from specific examples. Save sessions with recorded files and notes. Demonstrate clearly through high quality audio.

Review sound mixes and provide feedback on the move

Receive live mixes in iOS from macOS. For audio post sessions, receive video streams with synchronized audio. Communicate via audio, video, or text chat or use the notepad to save your ideas.

Share and record musical ideas with your mobile device

Plug in your instruments, connect your music apps, or open audio files and stream to your contacts. Communicate with video or text chat. Record, save, and share your audio.

Work alone and play along with audio or video files in iOS

Connect your hardware or software instruments, open an audio file, and play along. Use the mixer to adjust levels and record your result. Likewise, open a video file, make some sounds, and record.
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